Frequently Asked Questions

General questions, Trial and Subscriptions

Trading is about being able to effectively analyse the market, plan a trade and ultimately execute it. To facilitate this process we developed a set of Trading Indicators which are available on TradingView, the most advanced and yet easy to use charting platform available on the web.

Our Indicators support the beginner trader as well as most advanced traders to tune into the Market and spot the most profitable trades.

We currently offer a comprehensive set of Trading Indicators which are optimised to work in real-time on multiple assets and multiple timeframes so, regardless of what the Market does, you will always be in control of your trading.

Yes, you can test all the indicators for free for 8-days. To start your trial, simply go to an indicator’s page and click on the TRY FOR FREE button.

After requesting the trial, you will get access to all the following indicators:

If your trial is active but you don’t have access to the indicators, try to log-out and log-in again from your TradingView account. This should fix the issue.

The following screenshot shows the steps on how to correctly add the indicators to your chart.

How to add indicators to the chart | Minimalist Trading | Best Trading Indicators for TradingView

You can subscribe to the indicators by visiting our Indicators Store, where you can choose the subscription and the duration that you prefer.

We offer three different subscriptions: One Indicator, Two Indicators, Unlimited.

With the One Indicator and Two Indicators you are free to choose to have access to the indicator(s) that you prefer and you can also change them simply by contacting us.
With the Unlimited subscription, instead, you get access to all the indicators.

You can renew your subscription monthly or yearly. When you choose a yearly subscription you get a 50% discount.

We accept all Credit Cards. Payments are processed through Stripe, the largest and most secure payment processor worldwide.

Yes! You can cancel or switch subscription whenever you want from my account.

Advanced Signal Bars

The Advanced Signal Bars works in real-time and the signals are confirmed at the close of the next candle. Once confirmed they never repaint.

Bottoms Tops Signal Toolkit

The Bottoms Tops Signal Toolkit includes the following indicators:

The Bottoms Tops Signal works in real-time and the signals are confirmed at the close of the next candle. Once confirmed they never repaint.

Breakout Pivotal Bars

No, the indicator works in real-time and it never repaints.

Levels and Zones

Do you have additional questions?

Just contact us and we will quickly get in touch to address your questions.