The clear and simple indicators
for traders of all levels.

On TradingView since 2016

Our trading indicators support traders of all levels to tune into the market and spot the most profitable opportunities since many years. They were previously available on older platforms but since 2016 we’ve entirely switched to TradingView because it is the most advanced and yet easy to use charting and trading platform.

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Featured in the official TradingView Marketplace

Shortly after moving to TradingView, our trading indicators have been officially featured for multiple years in their Marketplace along with a very selected number of further third-party indicators. Since TradingView discontinued its official Marketplace in 2019, our trading indicators are available directly through our website.

Simple yet so powerful

We believe in simplicity, and this is why we’re called Minimalist Trading. The markets are simple but we, as traders, tend to overcomplicate things. Our trading indicators allow traders of all levels to make a clear and simple analysis of the market, and moreover they work in real-time on multiple assets and timeframes so, regardless of what the market does, you can always be in control of your trading.