Advanced Signal Bars

The Advanced Signal Bars is a simple trading method which can help even the beginner to spot profitable trades as early as they occur or even before. With the Advanced Signal Bars you get simple trading signals right on the chart in addition to support/resistance levels which tells you when you should exit the market. With the Advanced Signal Bars you are always in full control of your trading no matter how the market moves.

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Breakout Pivotal Bars

Identify and trade only the best Breakouts with simple-to-read coloured candles.

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Levels and Zones

See the best Support/Resistance levels and their corresponding Buy and Sell zones, right where the greatest opportunities are.

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Bottoms Tops Signal Toolkit

Spot the best Bottoms and Tops as soon as they occur.
The Toolkit includes:
• Bottoms Tops Signal
• RSI Exhaustion

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