Is this the Best NIFTY Trade?

Is this the Best NIFTY Trade?

Is this the Best NIFTY Trade? 300 169 Minimalist Trading – Best Trading Indicators for TradingView

Trading NIFTY is hard and getting the best NIFTY trade is even harder.

But what if you can have a clear technical view on nifty so that you can predict the nifty share price?

You can do it and be right in your nifty prediction by following one simple trading strategy that we explain below.

So let’s get to it!

We perform our nifty technical analysis on the nifty 50 index chart on TradingView.

The trading indicators that we use are suggesting that the current downtrend is not sustainable and a big upward movement should take place soon.

Of course, these trading indicators work just as great on all nifty 50 stocks.

But the opportunity that we have today on the nifty 50 chart is very great!

We get involved in this one and hope for the best nifty trade.

Trade setup – 24 May 2018

See this amazing NIFTY trade Setup 1

We identify a very steep and constant downtrend on this TradigView chart, which is typically not sustainable.

What makes the difference, though, is that our trading indicators clearly suggest a buying opportunity.

In particular, the three following required conditions are met:

    1. The price and the RSI Exhaustion are in divergence (in fact, the price goes down, while the RSI Exhaustion goes up).
    2. The RSI Exhaustion is bearish exhausted (in fact, it is red).
    3. There is a confirmed bottom (displayed by the Bottoms Tops Signal).

When these three conditions happen together, there is a high chance of being in front of a great opportunity so we decide to take the trade and set the stop-loss and the take-profit.

In particular, we place the stop loss just below the most recent lowest level, while we exploit the major resistance drawn by the Levels and Zones, to set our target.

Trade update – 25 May 2018

See this amazing NIFTY trade Setup 2

The price started to move higher rather quickly and since a new major support appeared, we already moved our stop loss to breakeven.

This means that, even if the price comes back down, we won’t lose any money but rather make a tiny profit.

See how powerful this fx strategy can be? In the worst case, we make a tiny amount of money, and in the best case, we make a 4.5x profit.

Trade update – 28 May 2018

See this amazing NIFTY trade Setup 3

The price keeps moving higher rapidly.

The RSI is now bullish exhausted but it’s not even overbought so it might continue to stay exhausted for a prolonged period of time and become overbought as well, and at the same time the price should continue to rise.

Trade update – 29 May 2018

See this amazing NIFTY trade Setup 4

The Bottoms Tops Signal signaled a top, the price went down and the RSI went down as well.

Generally speaking, it’s not something really concerning because it’s only one top and there is no divergence at all between the price and the RSI Exhaustion.

Moreover, we are at breakeven, which means that we are extremely safe and so we stay in the trade. There’s simply no technical evidence to close the trade.

Trade closed – 31 May 2018

See this amazing NIFTY trade Setup 5

The price went even lower but then made a second upward movement and reached the target that we initially identified.

Ultimately we got a very profitable trade with a 4.5x return which we can easily call the best nifty trade that we had so far!

It was possible because we performed a very simple yet rigorous nifty technical analysis and then we executed the trade using the nifty 50 trading strategy discussed above.

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But apart from this, what’s your experience with NIFTY?

Can you consistently be profitable trading NIFTY and, more in general, trading Indian stocks?

Feel free to let us know your experience by leaving a comment on the YouTube video above!