Bottoms Tops Signal Toolkit

Bottoms Tops Signal

The Bottoms Tops Signal is a powerful signal indicator which aims to get the maximum out of the market by spotting its bottoms and tops as soon as they form. The Bottoms Tops Signal gives you a graphical indication when a new market extreme is detected and a position could be opened or closed. With the Bottoms Tops Signal you’ll never be “too late” again because you’re already in when the big action occurs.

RSI Exhaustion

The RSI Exhaustion is an essential replacement of the standard RSI indicator because it is able to identify and highlight hidden exhaustion levels. The indicator is crucial, even to the novice trader, to accurately spot trend reversal or trend continuation opportunities particularly when the RSI is neither overbought nor oversold. Additionally, the RSI Exhaustion becomes helpful in confirming extreme overbought or oversold RSI conditions.
By identifying hidden exhaustion levels, the RSI Exhaustion indicator represents an essential support to the trader in effectively reading the market and taking only the best opportunities.

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Trading-Indicators-Advanced Signal Bars

Advanced Signal Bars

Receive simple Bull/Bear Trading Signals right on the chart and take only the most profitable opportunities.

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Breakout Pivotal Bars

Identify and trade only the best Breakouts with simple-to-read coloured candles.

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Levels and Zones

See the best Support/Resistance levels and their corresponding Buy and Sell zones, right where the greatest opportunities are.

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Sentiment Index

Know the Sentiment and see when it’s strengthening or weakening in order to always stay tuned with the Market.

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