When to get an even larger profit

When to get an even larger profit 300 169 Minimalist Trading – Best Trading Indicators for TradingView

When to get an even larger profit

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Today we’re looking at another trading setup using our technical indicators, which are considered to be among the best indicators for TradingView. In particular, we’re using the Breakout Pivotal Bars in combination with the Levels and Zones, and the Sentiment Index.

After performing the crypto technical analysis using our TradingView indicators, which by many traders are considered the best bitcoin indicators, we identify a very clear and safe trading setup which is supported by a major level and so we get into this trade.

Trade setup – 29 Mar 2019

When to get an even larger profit Setup 1

Bitcoin is in a general uptrend and we see a recent impulse followed by a very nice consolidation.

If the price can break the major resistance which is displayed just above by the Levels and Zones, and all our indicators will confirm the setup, then we might have a very great trading opportunity.

Trade update – 29 Mar 2019

When to get an even larger profit Setup 2

The price moved impulsively but gave us the perfect setup because:

    1. The price broke up the consolidation
    2. The breakup candle is blue (ideally we want it green, but even blue could be ok)
    3. The Sentiment Index broke up its trendline at the same time

As a reinforcing condition, the price is now above a major support indicated by the Levels and Zones. This will play a huge role in pushing the price higher.

Trade update – 31 Mar 2019

When to get an even larger profit Setup 3

After a few days, the price is still far from reaching the target because it is currently below a major resistance that has formed.

However, if we look closely the price action, we see a clear buy pattern that the price is making and the Sentiment Index confirms the same outlook.

Let’s just stay rational and wait for the next upward movement because everything tells it should come.

Trade update – 1 Apr 2019

When to get an even larger profit Setup 4

The movement in the price and the Sentiment Index tells us that the pair clearly wants to go higher.

This analysis allows us to move the target a bit higher and round the potential profit to 3x.

Of course, to balance the risk out, and since we’re now above a new major support, we moved the stop loss to breakeven so that, regardless of what happens next, we will not lose any money in this trade and our trading account is now protected.

Trade closed – 2 Apr 2019

When to get an even larger profit Setup 5

Well, the price just skyrocketed within one candle and hit our target level.

While the trade was open, our trading indicators and the whole price action were clearly suggesting that the price wanted to move higher and quite impulsively so we exceptionally moved the target a bit higher but to balance the risk out we moved the Stop Loss to breakeven. On the last candle of this crypto trade, the price made a very impulsive but rarely predictable movement to the upside, which allowed us to close the trade with a 3x profit, an even higher return than what we initially expected.