Trading is about being able to effectively analyse the market, plan a trade and ultimately execute it. To facilitate this process we developed a set of trading indicators which are available on TradingView, the most advanced and yet easy to use charting platform available on the web.

Our indicators support the beginner trader as well as most advanced traders to tune into the market and spot the most profitable trades.

We currently offer a comprehensive set of indicators which are optimised to work in realtime on multiple timeframes so, regardless of what the market does, you will always be in control of your trading.

Bottoms Tops Signal Toolkit

Bottoms Tops Signal

The Bottoms Tops Signal is a powerful signal indicator which aims to get the maximum out of the market by spotting its bottoms and tops as soon as they form. The Bottoms Tops Signal gives you a graphical indication when a new market extreme is detected and a position could be opened or closed. With the Bottoms Tops Signal you’ll never be again “too late” because you’re already in when the big action occurs.

RSI Exhaustion

The RSI Exhaustion is a fundamental addition to the standard RSI indicator because it is able to identify and highlight hidden exhaustion levels. The indicator is essential, even to the novice trader, to accurately spot trend reversal or trend continuation opportunities particularly when the RSI is neither overbought nor oversold. Additionally, the RSI Exhaustion becomes helpful in confirming extreme overbought or oversold RSI conditions.
By identifying hidden exhaustion levels, the RSI Exhaustion indicator represents an essential support to the trader in effectively reading the market and taking only the best opportunities.

Advanced Signal Bars

Advanced Signal Bars

The Advanced Signal Bars is a simple trading method which can help even the beginner to spot profitable trades as early as they occur or even before. With the Advanced Signal Bars you get simple trading signals right on the chart in addition to support/resistance levels which tells you when you should exit the market. With Advanced Signal Bars you are always in full control of your trading no matter how the market moves.

Breakout Pivotal Bars Toolkit

Breakout Pivotal Bars

The Breakout Pivotal Bars is an easy to use trading strategy which identifies major breakouts of key hidden levels which are usually hard to spot even to the most experienced trader. By reading the price action the Breakout Pivotal Bars is able to identify potential trade opportunities by colouring bars in real-time. Whether the market moves up or down, with the Breakout Pivotal Bars you will always be in the trend.

Divergence Toolkit

The Divergence Toolkit is an essential kit every trader should use in order to spot divergences that occur as the price action evolves.
The kit includes three indicators which are able to spot divergences between price and the most powerful indicators: RSI, MACD and Stochastic.
Each indicator in the Toolkit is fully customisable in colours and periodicity in order to let you exploit it at its best based on your own strategy.

Levels and Zones

Levels and Zones

The Levels and Zones is a leading indicator which automatically identifies the best support and resistance levels as well as their corresponding bullish and bearish zones. The indicator constantly detects and highlights for you the optimum levels and zones where you will find the greatest opportunities to go long or short. As soon as the market moves to a new level, with the Levels and Zones, you will be ready to catch the next successful trade.

Sentiment Index

Sentiment Index

The Sentiment Index is a powerful indicator which supports even the beginner trader in being profitable by tuning into the Sentiment of the market.
With the Sentiment Index you will not only know whether the market is bullish or bearish at any given moment but also when a weakening of the Sentiment occurs and a subsequent shift takes place. The Sentiment Index reads the market and gives you its best interpretation in order to keep you tuned into the same Sentiment regardless of how the market evolves.